Lyrics You're my destination (Helene Fischer)

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You're my destination

You walk on by as if I were just a shadow
And it's hard for me to say so
But I know you must go
You need some time up on the road that you are taking
So I'll give myself to waiting 'cause I know

You're my destination, you're my fortune, you're my fate
Now you're a part of me, my destiny, I'm sure
And because you're my destination
You'll be coming back one day
And when your search comes to an end one thing is clear
I'll be right here

You'll find your way, and you won't be going under
Now I'll never have to wonder
Cause in time you'll be fine
You have to do just what you're heart has you believing
And it's not like you are leaving me behind

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You're my destination

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