Lyrics Fall asleep (Lord of the Lost)

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Fall asleep

Now I release what I believe
No answer from above, I can’t find no sleep
Yes, I believe what I feel
I’m still counting sheep
But I can’t kind no sleep
The war ends in my heart, I’m laying down
Already torn apart as you’re not around

For you I feel love,
For you I give up

Wretched self-contempt
Won’t salvage what has passed
I need your help right now
The future's fading fast
Love can lacerate a hundred savage cuts
In a turn of phrase, but still I live to trust

For you I feel love
For you I give up

The silent state of time brings me back within
Some help to cross the line
Like needles in my skin
I confess my guilt
In any court of yours
Pleading to you still
For your word is my law

For you I feel love
For you I give up

I can’t find no sleep
I’m still counting sheep

For you I feel love


Fall asleep

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