Lyrics Lighthouse (Lord of the Lost)

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You’re sleeping with no chance to dream
Life has become a silent scream
You’ve gone through hell
You’ve lost your fight
But it’s time to rise, the time is right

Wake up, wake up
Light a candle in the dark
Wake up, wake up
Light a fire in your heart
We are your rock against the flood
So don’t let go
We are your lighthouse in the dark
When all seems lost
So don’t let go
No, don’t let go

Deep in the shadows beauty hides
A wondrous world is yours to find
The code is black with this invite
And the dream is alive, embrace the night
Wake up, wake up, wake up

You’re one of us now
This moment's to share, there's hope in despair

Wake up, wake up
Light a candle in the dark



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