Lyrics End of the story (Rasmus, the)

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End of the story

Ooo - at the end of the story
The boy goes down in flames
Oh why - why should I worry?
'cause I know I can change

It's like a bad dream
I see you in her eyes
Every time we touch a bit of me dies
I know it's all wrong
How did I become so mean?
Middle of the night you come into my room
You get into my head
You crawl into my bed
She's lying there asleep
So innocent and sweet
I know it's all wrong

So why do I do what I do?
I never meant to be cruel
How do I start a new dawn without you?
I wanna hear a new sound
I wanna play a new round

You've taken over me
I want you but I plead
Guilty for the fact she's caught up in between
Reality, the dream, the truth, the lie
The good and obscene
But the shame aims at me like a gun
I wish I could escape but there's nowhere to run
And all these bitter lies
They can never be undone
Can't look in the eyes

And I'll do anything to be there
I want you out of my head

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End of the story

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