Lyrics I'm a mess (Rasmus, the)

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I'm a mess

I don't know who I am
Am I even human?
Every night I sell my soul

I forgot your birthday
And I'm dressed in rags
I shouldn't drink, I'll lose control
And I know...

I'm a mess
But at least I know how
I can make you laugh like no one else
Such a mess
But at least I've always been myself
without no magic spells

No one knows my secret
No one knows my heart
'Cause it's always on the run

I don't know what I'm doing
I don't know where I'm going
And I don't even know where I come from
I confess...

I'm a mess...

Say you'll stay
'cause it's more than just an ordinary day
Before you go
There is something that you need to let me know
Before you leave
However cruel your answer is
Be honest please
I'm waiting on my knees

Will you stand by me finally
the day when we grow old
Would you fall asleep right next to me
when my hands are cold

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I'm a mess

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