Lyrics Paradise (Rasmus, the)

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I'm dead, but I'm living
I played a part I've been given
I'm still kicked out of heaven
I'm into nothing new
Everyday is a battle
I made a deal with the devil
And I'm deep into trouble
So tired

I was trying to find a better way but every day's the same
I'm trying to break the numbness and it's driving me insane
You could be my saviour, you could be just what I need
So I lay down and pray for something better

Go ahead and leave me paralyzed
There's nothing left to sacrifice
In hell I'm shooting paradise
I'm ready so I'll close my eyes

This is my paradise
This is my paradise

It's gonna hurt but I'm ready
It's clear where I'm heading
Don't call paramedics
I'm into nothing new
I'll be gone in a minute
I'm not afraid to admit it
I'm so wrong but I love it
So tired

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