Lyrics Someone's gonna light you up (Rasmus, the)

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Someone's gonna light you up

You've waited for somebody to break into your life
And be your shelter for the night
Don't lose it now just drag yourself back into the light
You'll find yourself a reason, don't you give up the fight

Sick of all the rain and tired of the waiting
Is it ever gonna stop?
It's gonna be okay, hush hush
And there will be a day, don't rush
When someone's gonna light you up

I know that you are suffering and torn up inside
I saw the ocean in your eyes
I wish that you will find a place in paradise
I think you'd better run before the storm will rise

And every time the show's about to start
You're getting even deeper in the dark
And every time you say that you will change
You're getting someone else to play your part

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Someone's gonna light you up

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