Lyrics Pirate's life (Saltatio Mortis)

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Pirate's life

We call no man our master, no lord and no king,
Not long in one place do we stay.
And this world is for those who can grab it, and hold it,
Possession's the law of the day.

So we take what we want, we don't bother with buyin',
We say what we mean, there ain't no point to lyin'.
Don't like what we say, you might find yourself dyin'
in a manner too gruesome to say.

It's wonderful living the life of a pirate
With the freedom to take what we can!
And we'll sail the world over, searchin' for plunder,
Not fearin' to face any man, not fearin' to face any man.

When we come into town to spend all our spoils,
A good time will be had by all.
We'll all head to some pub to get drunk on our arses,
When we're there, there ain't no last call.
I'll get rum for myself and buy ale for me friends,
And a great deal of loot on the wenches I'll spend.
When the money's all gone it's off to sea again
To trade cargo for cannonball.

There's not one of us left who has not yet been blooded,
For killing's a part of our trade.
And the only thing standing between us and death
Is strength of arm, and speed of blade.
So we live every day like it might be our last
For all of us know that life is hard and fast,
We live for the moment, don't care 'bout the past
From this is our comradeship made.

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